unable to expand slide shows in the database panel

(TS172) Symptom:
The user is unable to expand slide shows in the Slide Shows Database panel.  The expansion arrow to the right of the "add" button is missing.

Possible Cause:
This is expected and by design.  This feature was removed in the October 2011 Edition.

Possible Resolution:
There are still a couple of ways to perform this same operation within SongShow Plus.

Option 1 is used to adjust slide shows after they are added to the Program Panel:

1.  Add the slide show to the program from the Slide Shows Database panel by clicking the "add" button.
2.  Right-Click the added slide show and select "Slide Order..."  From here you can add some or all of the slides in the slide show and arrange them by drag and drop.  When finished, click on save.
3.  After returning to the Program Panel, you can expand the slide show and arrange the slides further using drag and drop as well.

Option 2 uses the Inspector Panel to add individual slides to the Program Panel:

1.  Turn on the Inspector Panel from the toolbar.  This view shows the slide show expanded.
2.  Click the "add" button to slides you want to add to the program.  When multiple slides are added they are just added to the slide order - the slide show is not added multiple times.
3.  Once the desired slides are added to the Program Panel they can be arranged further by using drag and drop.
4.  Additional slides can also be added by using the Right-Click > Slide Order... menu.

2/8/2012 3:37:44 PM
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