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Unable to delete files from the database panel


The user is unable to delete files from the database panels.  In each case an error message indicating the file is in use is displayed.

Possible Cause:
The file selected for deletion is actually in use, meaning that it is either being projected or is in the current program.

Possible Solution:
This is expected behavior.  SongShow Plus will prevent the deletion of files that are in use.  If you want to delete a file that is being projected, display a blank slide or other content so the file is no longer in use and delete the file.  If you want to delete a file that is in the current program, remove it from the program and then delete the file.

Possible Cause:
This may occur when the Inspector Panel is in use.  This does appear to be new behavior in the November 2011 Edition.  Root cause is not known at this time. 

Possible Solution:
If the user turns off the Inspector Panel, file deletion will be allowed.  The Inspector Panel can be turned back on after file deletion is complete.

Possible Solution:
In many cases a second attempt to delete the file will be successful.  When the file in the database panel is selected but is not shown in the Inspector Panel, the file can be deleted by right-clicking again and selecting "delete" from the menu or simply by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.


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