Text and object alignment is different in slide shows after moving them to a different system

(TS175) Symptom:
When moving SongShow Plus slide shows from one system to another, either by copying or using the Package To Go process, the text and object alignment is off when compared to the system the slide show was created on.

Possible Cause:
When building slide shows the Slide Show Builder uses the aspect ratio of the system the slides are created on to set up the alignment for text and objects.  If the system the slides were created on and the destination system have a different aspect ratio, for example if one is a wide (16:9) format and the other is standard (4:3) format,  this will affect the alignment of the text and objects in the slides.

Possible Solution:
There is a setting in the SSB preferences that will allow you to designate the target aspect ratio of the working canvas that the slides are built on.  Making sure this matches the target projection system will avoid misalignment of text and objects.

In the SongShow Plus Slide Show Builder:

Click on Tools > Preferences
Select the Edit Window option
In the Canvas Aspect Ratio setting, select the option that matches your destination projection system.

2/28/2012 10:01:03 AM
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