The unlock license files I recieved will not unlock my installation of SSP

(TS179) Symptom:
When trying to unlock a recently installed or updated edition of SongShow Plus, the unlock failed.  This may include either the core installation, purchased plug-ins or both.

Possible Cause:
In most cases a customer should receive a single file that includes all the required components to unlock SongShow Plus and any additional plug-ins that were purchased. 
In some cases we have found that some email clients, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, will either corrupt, block or remove attachments that are used for the unlock process.  

Possible Solution:
In most cases if the file is resent it will be OK - sometimes if they can be sent to a different email address, perhaps a Gmail account, they will be received successfully.  You can also try manually entering the Code B that should have been included in the body of the email.  This will unlock the core of SSP but will not unlock any plug-ins - the actual license file is required for that.

Contact the support team if you need your unlock information re-sent to you, either to a different email address or after the blocks have been removed from your email client.

Possible Cause:
If your organization has more than one system that needs to be unlocked, it is possible that you are using the incorrect file set for the system you are trying to unlock. 

Possible Solution:
Verify that the files you are using match the original Code A used to create the Code B and the license files.  This can be done by opening the SSP Utilities Unlock panel (Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Utilities) and selecting the Unlock tool.  From here you can select "enter the unlock code (Code B)..." option and it will show you what the Code A is for the system.  Make sure this matches the email that you received the unlock files in. 

Contact the support team if you need any assistance finding your unlock information.

3/7/2012 4:05:47 PM
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