CCLI song import - Unexpected download format error occurs.

(TS187) Symptom:
When trying to import a song file from either the SSP SongSelect website or the SongSelect Download File Importer, an error message indicating "Unexpected download format" occurs.

Possible Cause:
This is occurring when using the new SongSelect website.  The root cause is the use of the txt file option.  There was a change in the formatting of the text file causing errors in the importing of txt files into SongShow Plus. 

Possible Solution:
Use the old SongSelect website.  The txt imports still work from the old site.  There should be a link on the new page to return to the old website. 

Possible Solution:
Use the USR file type when importing from the new SongSelect website.  The usr file types actually have additional useful information such as Keys and Themes.  These imports still work from the old website as well.

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact the support team for further investigation.

4/11/2012 3:44:38 PM
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