Some dialog windows disappear or are hidden

(TS189) Symptom:
User finds that some SongShow Plus dialog windows such as Display Properties and various import/builder dialogs will hide behind the main SSP/SSB control windows.

Possible Cause:
This is known and expected behavior. 
In both SSP and SSB, the non-modal child windows are not required to hold the focus and there can be more than one open at a time.  For example, the user can have a Display Properties window and a Song Edit window open at the same time and both can be behind the main Control Panel. 

Possible Solution:
There are icons at the bottom of the SSP and SSB control panels that allow the user to see any open dialog windows and allow the user to bring them back to the front by clicking the associated icon.  Please see KB SSP082 for additional details.

5/17/2012 11:38:10 AM
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