One or more plug-ins fails to install during installation or update

(TS194) Symptom:
When running the SongShow Plus Updater or manually downloading the package and installing SongShow Plus, one or more of the plug-ins fails to install as expected.  This may be accompanied by an error message that indicates access is denied or there is not sufficient space on the install path.

Possible Cause:
There are a variety of reasons that this may occur but the most likely is a permissions issue or locked file situation. There may be other system issue that cause this as well.  Though unlikely, it is possible that there is insufficient space on the install target.

Possible Solution:
When running the updater or installer, take note of which individual installer causes the failure.  To determine this, re-run the installer selecting only the suspect plug-in and choose the "Custom" option when installing.  This should give more information on the location and reason for installation failure. 

If this information indicates an "Access Denied" or other permissions related error, contact your systems administrator to determine the cause of the locked or inaccessible file(s). 

If the error indicates additional space may be needed then check for sufficient space (300MB is more that enough for installation) and select the "ignore" option.  In most cases the installation will continue normally and complete.

If this does not resolve the installation issue, contact the Support Team.

4/23/2013 3:05:07 PM
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