A blank slide is displayed at the end of a PowerPoint Slide Show

(TS198) Symptom:
When advancing through a PowerPoint slide show, a blank slide is displayed at the end of the PowerPoint Slide Show. 

Possible Cause:
This change was made in the May 2012 Edition of SongShow Plus.

Now, regardless of the last slide setting in PowerPoint, when a PPT file is displayed through SongShow Plus there will be a blank slide displayed at the end but it will not include the "End of slide show, click to exit." message across the top that was previously generated by PowerPoint.  Also this last slide that is generated will use the same background as the PPT slide show.  An extra advance command is required to move to the next program element.  This is expected behavior.

This was necessary to control the last slide generated by PowerPoint and prevent other previously uncontrolled errors that PowerPoint was causing when moving away from or advancing past the last slide.

This will not affect looping PowerPoint slide shows since they do not experience the "stepping out" issues that were being addressed with the referenced change.

Possible Solution:
If this behavior is an issue for operators you can convert all PowerPoint slideshows to SongShow Plus slide shows using the PowerPoint Presentation Converter.
9/26/2012 4:18:54 PM
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