Song part is mislabeled during SongSelect import

(TS202) Symptom:
When importing a song from SongSelect, one or more song parts are mislabeled in the created song file. 

Possible Cause:
This is an issue with importing of certain songs from CCLI that have a parenthesis in an unexpected location.  SongShow Plus is using these to determine if there are specific section headers that are listed as misc but in this case is incorrectly identifying it.

Possible Solution:

NOTE: the USR file format is the preferred type for import into SSP.

In the rare instance when this occurs, the solution is to edit the song file after the import is complete and correct the song part name and any other affected part of the song text.  The processing will be evaluated to find a permanent resolution.

2/14/2013 10:31:34 AM
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