Song collection User Hymns is automatically applied to cloned songs

(TS203) Symptom:
When cloning a song from the Stock Hymns database (SH), the new song has the collection "User Hymns" automatically applied to it. 

Possible Cause:
This is expected behavior and is part of a previous fix to prevent songs from being deleted if inadvertently added to the Stock Hymns collection, all of which are over written during an update.

Possible Solution:
There is no setting to change this behavior but the user is allowed to change the collection to either nothing or a collection that make more sense to them.  Even if the user removes all reference to the User Hymns collection and removes it from the collections list, the User Hymns collection label will be re-created when a song from the Stock Hymns database (SH) is cloned.

8/24/2012 9:13:02 AM
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