PPT files converted to SSP slide shows are presenting slowly*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

After converting a PowerPoint presentation to a SSP slide show, there seems to be a delay when presenting the slide show.

Possible Cause:
During the conversion process, the resulting images are embedded into the SSP slide show that is created.  In many cases, embedded images take longer that linked images to display.

Possible Solution:
When converting the slide show in the importer, select the JPEG option to reduce the resulting file size. Also check the resolution selected - This does not need to be any larger than the resolution of the monitor/projector and still images will look fine at lower resolutions as long as the aspect ratio is maintained.  These changes should improve the behavior.

Possible Solution:
Edit the converted slide show in the SlideShow Builder and link all the images instead of having them stay embedded.

1.      Open the slide show in SSB

2.      Select the slide image and double click to go to Edit mode.

3.      Right click the image and select “Extract Embedded Image to File…”

4.      When prompted, select the destination for the extracted image.  SSB will automatically link the image to that location.

5.      Repeat for all image slides and save the slide show. 


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