The SongShow Plus songs database is not showing as expected.

(TS208) Symptom:
When trying to view songs in the database only the stock and christmas carols are showing.  This may occur after and update or on initial installation of SongShow Plus.

Possible Cause:
The SongShow Plus database may not be selected for searching.

Possible Solution:
Verify that the SongShow Plus database is selected for searching.  With the Songs Panel selected, from the main tool bar select Songs > Search Databases > SongShow Plus and make sure it is checked.

Possible Cause:
The operating system service pack may not be up to date on your SongShow Plus system.  In particular, this has been found to be an issue with Windows Vista.

Possible Solution:
Update the operating system service pack on your SongShow Plus system to the latest for your operating system. 

10/8/2012 11:30:11 AM
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