The Slide Show Builder editor appears to be a differnt format than the presentation display

(TS209) Symptom:
When editing or creating slide shows in the Slide Show Builder, the edit window appears to be a different format or aspect ratio than the presented output of SongShow Plus. 

Possible Cause:
The canvas setting in SSB may be incorrect.

Possible Solution:
There is a setting in the SSB preferences that will allow you to designate the target aspect ratio of the working canvas that the slides are built on.  Making sure this is correct will avoid this discrepancy.

In the SongShow Plus Slide Show Builder:

1. Click on Tools > Preferences
2.  Select the Edit Window option
3.  In the Canvas Aspect Ratio setting, select the option that matches your destination projection system. 

In most cases, "Use display aspect ratio" is the correct option and will ensure that the aspect ratios match SSP on the same system.  If you are editing slide shows for use on a different system it is important to know what the aspect ratio of the destination system is and set this accordingly.

10/19/2012 12:16:33 PM
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