DeckLink Limitation - PowerPoint slide transitions or animations are not rendered to the DeckLink output

(TS212) Symptom:
When using PowerPoint files with a DeckLink setup the PowerPoint slide animations and/or transitions are not rendered to the DeckLink output.  The ProKey Systems typically have the DeckLink setup.

Possible Cause:
Specific root cause is not known at this time, however, it does appear that the behavior is different depending on the version of PowerPoint that is being used.

Preferred Solution:
Create slideshows in the SlideShow Builder format.  This will allow the user a fully robust editing solution for slide shows in SongShow Plus.

Possible Solution:
Convert slideshows to the SlideShow Builder format using the SSP tools. The original PPT transitions/animations will not be preserved in the conversion but the content of the slides will be shown.  The user can add the desired slide transitions during the conversion process.

Possible Solution:
PowerPoint 2007
When using PPT 2007 the transitions between slides do not work but the animations on slides do.  This may be acceptable in some cases. There is no workaround for the slide transitions.

PowerPoint 2010
If you are using PPT 2010, PowerPoint files will not display on the DeckLink output at all. There is no PPT workaround in this case.  The user will need to change the version of PPT to either 2007 or 2013.  See KB TS242 for additional details.

PowerPoint 2013
When using PPT 2013 the transitions between slides and the animations on slides both work as expected with the slide show hardware acceleration turned off.  
To disable this in PPT 2013, go to the main PPT menu and select the Options menu.  From the Options menu select the Advanced tab on the left and scroll to the Display section.  In this section, place a check mark in the "Disable Slide Show hardware acceleration" option then close and re-start PPT.

NOTE: Keep in mind that not every one of the transitions and animations was tested but this is the general impression given with what was tested.


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