Unable to print slide shows from SSP or SSB

(TS213) Symptom:
The user is unable to print slide shows from within SlideShow Builder or SlideShow Plus.  When attempting to print the dialog appears but then has either a constant "hourglass" indicator or stops responding. 

Possible Cause:
Slide shows with videos as the background may have issues printing.  If one or more slides in your slide show has a video applied as a background this may cause the print process to become unresponsive.  This appears to be an issue with getting the frame to print as the background.

Possible Solution:
If there are only a few slides with this issue the background can be changed or removed for the print process and then restored.

Possible Solution:
If there are several slides with this issue, the user can use the Export to Images feature to generate snapshots of all the slides and print the ones needed.  This can be found in SlideShow Builder from the main toolbar - File > Export To > Image Files.

12/4/2012 11:56:05 AM
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