Displayed text size for Songs, Scripture and Slides does not match.

(TS216) NOTE:  This KB is superseded by KB TS263.  Please refer to this updated KB here.

When users are setting the font size to a specific value and not using the automatic sizing options for the Songs, Scripture and Slides global settings, the displayed text size does not match as expected.  It appears that the Songs and Slides do show the same but scriptures are displayed slightly smaller.  It seems that this only effects the text displayed from the scripture database. 

Possible Cause:
Exact root cause is unknown but appears to be related to scripture text only. 
Possible Solution:
Utilize the shrink/grow/consistent settings to auto adjust all font sizing to fit the screen properly.

Possible Solution:
Increase the font size of the Scripture setting so that the text is displayed the same for all.  This appears to be about 5-7 steps higher depending on the starting point.

5/16/2017 10:01:00 AM
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