Instant Message Shadow setting does not appear to work.

(TS217) Symptom:
When applying the shadow color setting for the Instant Message text, it does not appear that anything happens.

Possible Cause:
This effect is working as expected.
The Shadow effect for the Instant Message text is different than the "regular" shadow settings elsewhere in SongShow Plus.  You will notice that there are no configuration settings such as Drop/Block or size in this case as there are in the "regular" text shadow settings. 
In this application of shadow, the configuration of the shadow is predetermined and only the color is selectable by the user.  This shadow is set to a straight light source and appears as a glowing outline when it is visible.  By design, this is very subtle and is only obvious when there is a drastic change in the content behind the message.
A user can verify this is working and see what it should look like by setting the background and text to white and then selecting a contrasting color, such as red, to the shadow. 
Possible Solution:

1/2/2013 11:56:22 AM
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