Information Error when trying to display a PPT file

(TS219) Symptom:
SongShow Plus is displaying an information message when attempting to display a PPT file or the SSP may stop responding when transitioning to the next item.   This may be accompanied by a flash of the PPT over the Control Panel when the PPT is presented.

Possible Cause:
The PowerPoint target display is set for something other than the SSP presentation target.  This will typically cause a flash of color or the PPT on the Control Panel before going to the SSP presentation display.

Possible Permanent Solution:
PowerPoint should allow the user to designate the target display. Check your version of PPT for this setting and set the target display to allow the presentation output to be controlled in SSP.

  • This may vary slightly with the version of PowerPoint. In the PowerPoint setup, select the Slide Show tab and there should be a "Show Presentation On" setting. Set this to the same display as the presented output - usually Primary Monitor or if available Automatic. This should eliminate both the flash and the error.

Possible Cause:
The graphics card is from a manufacturer other than NVIDIA.  This issue has been specifically replicated with the ATI/AMD cards but may apply to other vendors.
NOTE: We have only tested and recommended NVIDIA graphics solutions.

Possible Solution:
Disable the high end graphics (HEG) (AKA -  Full Graphics Mode) on all enabled displays to resolve the problem.  See KB TS292 for more information.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Reset the video card settings to defaults.  Some card settings may cause issues in SSP.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Update the video card driver.  In some cases this is a video driver or setting but in most cases it is a hardware support issue.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Replace the video card in your SSP system with a NVIDIA model.

Permanent Solution:
Stop using PowerPoint and use the included and powerful Slide Builder to create all slideshows.  There are importers for PowerPoint slideshows as well.


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