Scritpure book names and chapter number are cut off.

(TS229) Symptom:
When viewing the bible scriptures, some of the book and chapter labels are cut off.  This may be text or numbers and is most likely with the 3 digit chapters. (these are only in Psalms)

Possible Cause:
The cause of this is most likely an increase of the database font size in the Tools > Preferences > Control Window settings is adjusted above the default of 10 causing some longer book names and 3 digit chapter numbers to be cut off.  The higher the point size selected, the more is cut off.  Currently, there are no column adjustments available to the user to accommodate this.

Possible Solution:
Select a font size of 10 or smaller for this setting.

User that are having a hard time seeing this information at the default size can decrease the desktop resolution one step.  This will make everything on the screen a little bigger but the user will lose a little "real estate" on the desktop in this case.  This change would only need to be done to the monitor that the SSP Control Panel is on.

This may be addressed in a later build.

5/23/2013 12:45:16 PM
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