Text including indentation is not displayed correctly in the SlideShow Builder.

When copying and pasting text that includes indentation (typically on the left) it is not preserved in exactly the same layout within the Slide Show Builder.  The result shows the text spacing incorrectly and not indent aligned properly.

Possible Cause:
The inclusion of an unsupported layout feature (indentation) in the copied/pasted text.  At present, there is no control or layout settings specifically for the indent layout in SSB in the same manner that is utilized in Word.  SSB will try to preserve the RTF code from the pasted text, but this appears to be affected as the font size changes.

Possible Solution:
This possible work around has two steps:
1.  Reduce the font size of the text in the Slide Show Builder as small as possible and still allow it to be read. This seems to range from between 8 and 17 point font in the SSB settings.

2.  Increase the Tab Size setting to maximum for the text box displaying the text.  This can be done by right clicking the text box when in edit mode of the text and selecting Tab Size - increase this to 2.0. 

These steps may improve the look of your text, but indentation in particular is still an unsupported layout feature in the Slide Show Builder so your mileage may vary...

This may be addressed more fully in a later build.

5/24/2013 3:08:18 PM
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