PowerPoint file save occurs when closing SongShow Plus

(TS232) Symptom:
When closing SongShow Plus after having displayed a PowerPoint slideshow, a PowerPoint message may occur indicating that PowerPoint needs to save the current presentation. This seems to only occur when using PowerPoint 2013 and later.

Possible Cause:
The root case is not known at this time but what appears to be happening is there is a temporary or new PPT slideshow being created during the interface with SongShow Plus.
Possible Solution:
At this time there is no work-around to avoid the behavior but it can be ignored.  There is no reason to save the generated slideshow.  This behavior occurs after SSP is being closed so it has no affect on the operation of SSP.

The exact trigger for this is unknown at this time and it may be addressed in a later build.

9/19/2016 10:23:49 AM
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