SongShow Plus will not update or install

When trying to update or install SongShow Plus, the user gets an error message.  When using the SSP Updater, the error message may indicated that the it is unable to determine the update status.  When using the full installer package, the user may encounter an error during or after the extraction process indicating that the End tag 'Component' does not match the start tag 'Notes' or something similar to this.

Possible Cause:
The Operating System may be set up in a non-English or non-US mode.  The region or locale setting is the main place that this is set.

NOTE: SongShow Plus does not support non-English versions of Windows or non-English/US settings in the English versions of Windows.  

Possible Solution:
Change the Operating System Locale and Region setting to English/US.

This can vary slightly between operating systems but in most cases is found in the Regional and Language Options settings.  There are two places of interest once you get to this setting, the Location and Administrative tabs.  Check both of these and change them to English or US if they are not currently set that way.

After changing this back to English/US settings the installer or updater should work as expected.

6/24/2013 12:03:02 PM
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