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SlideShow Builder - Text box properties are not affected by changes in global slide properties


When changing globally set text or other slide properties in the slide show builder, the changes are not applied to all or any text objects in the slides. 

Possible Cause:
This may be expected behavior - There are several types of text boxes that can be used in the SlideShow Builder.  Not all of them are affected by the same changes and some do not have global properties.

Possible Solution:
Check the type of text box used.  If it is a Regular box, it does not have globally applicable properties and these must be set per text object.  If this is the case you can either edit it as needed or change it to a Main Text type box to be able to apply properties globally.

Possible Solution:
Check the Display/Slide properties for the text type you have selected and make sure there are no other overriding properties set.


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