Video Mark In and Mark Out points are not set or triggered as expected

(TS243) Symptom:
When performing video playback and trying to set the Mark In and/or Mark Out points they seem to not set or play exactly where they are set or the user is not able to select the exact point that they are trying to start or stop the video playback at.

Possible Cause:
The specific cause is unknown but it has been observed that this does occur. It has also been observed that the behavior varies between types and lengths of videos and the software that is used to create the video. The granularity of the Mark In/Out selections seems dependent on these factors. Some videos do not support seeking correctly or at all and this will affect the Mark In/Out settings.

Possible Solution:
Through trial and error attempt to get the points as close as possible to fit your needs.

Possible Solution:
Convert or obtain the content in a different video format instead. This may allow the user to select the exact points that needs to be played.

Preferred Solution:
Edit the video to the proper length. This will allow the user to select the exact content that needs to be played and eliminate the need for the marking altogether. Users have a variety of software tools available to them to do this on their own and the content may already be available from their content provider in the proper format or length.

10/25/2013 9:40:49 AM
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