The option for setting an audio track for the length of a slideshow will not stay set

When setting up a slideshow with an audio track, the user may select the option to set the audio track length as the slideshow length but it will not stay set as selected.

Possible Cause:
There seems to be a conflict or out of sync situation with the "Use the track length for slideshow" settings when there is no audio track selected. Both the Slide Show Timing page (clock icon) and the Audio track properties page (headphone icon) have this setting but they do not appear to be in sync. The setting in the Audio Track Properties appears to be slaved to the other.

Possible Solution:
When trying to use this option to set up the default behavior, always set this up in the Slide Show Timing page (clock icon).  If a track is actually selected they should be in sync.

11/25/2013 12:27:39 PM
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