The Backup/Restore takes a very long time to re-index when the song database is selected for backup.

(TS248) Symptoms:
SongShow Plus tried to re-index the song database when it selected for backup in the Backup/Restore tool.  This is expected behavior during the backup process, however, it should not take any longer than a re-index from within SongShow Plus.  If it takes a significantly longer time than re-indexing in SSP, there may be an issue. 

Possible Cause:
This can be caused by a mismatch in the song database and the song folder or corrupted files in the songs folder. 

Possible Solution:
If this is just an indexing issue, try indexing from within SSP (Tools > Database Utilities > SongShow Plus > Rebuild Indexes...) to see if it is successful and how long it takes.  If there are a lot of songs, it can take some time for the indexing process to complete.

Possible Solution:
Refer to KB TS196 to resolve this issue.

12/9/2013 11:50:47 AM
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