SongShow Plus 8 and Temporary Licenses

(TS249) SongShow Plus 8 has a new licensing mechanism.  Part of this mechanism is designed to verify uniqueness of systems and if something changes, detect and validate it.

It appears that this mechanism is picking up external USB drives incorrectly and causing the activation to be invalidated. 

How to prevent this:
Avoid opening SSP with new USB storage devices connected.  This includes external hard drives or USB thumb drives.
If you need files from one of these devices, connect the device with SSP closed, copy the files to the desktop, remove/disconnect the device and then start SSP and use files normally from the desktop.

What to do if it happens:
If this occurs and you proceed with the temporary activation that is OK but the preferred option is to contact support before accepting so that they can take a look and verify what is going on.  They will most likely address the issue and allow you to re-activate.

If you are issued a temporary activation it will expire naturally in the number of days indicated and the original license will automatically be available for use again.

We are working on a resolution to this issue.

(TS249) SSP8

6/11/2014 11:10:35 AM
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