Some fonts are not working in SongShow Plus 8 that worked in version 7*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 8 and later.

When working in the Slide Builder in SongShow Plus Version 8, some fonts that are applied to text do not appear as expected after leaving the edit mode.  It seems that these did behave as expected in Version 7.

Possible Cause:
Some installed fonts from various software are installed in the Windows fonts directory as shortcuts to the software's own font directory rather than actually being installed as expected.  This can cause issues with the new text engine.

Possible Solution:
Determine the font in question and search in the Windows font directory.  If the named font shows up as a shortcut or a group of shortcuts then the original font file should be located (follow the shortcut) and actually installed to the Windows font directory.

Possible Cause:
A possible contributing factor is that these fonts have a style treatment build into them that is not being applied properly.  This seems to be more pervasive with user added font.  Stock OS fonts seem to have less trouble with this.  User added fonts can be installed individually or via another software installation such as Word or Print Master.  There are other software packages that also install fonts.

Possible Solution:
It has been determined that if a particular font style is applied to the text in the Slide Builder text editor that the fonts will appear as expected.

Here is a list of the fonts we know are affected and the style that needs to be applied to correct the problem:

  • Monotype Corsiva (requires italic style)
  • Harlow Solid Italic (requires italic style)
  • Brush Script MT (requires italic style)
  • Vivaldi (requires italic style)
  • Magneto (requires bold style)
  • Palace Script MT (requires italic style)
  • Andy (requires bold style)
  • Vizier Heavy (requires italic style)

If you come across a font that is not listed here that you believe is affected the same way, please contact the Support Team and share the following information:

  • The font name
  • The source of the font (if you know)
  • The style that needs to be applied to correct the issue

If you encounter a font that does not work as expected and is not corrected using the procedure above, please contact the Support Team for further investigation.

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