Rerunning the Slide Assitant does not work with Version 7 content -

(TS256) Symptom:
When working in SongShow Plus Version 8 with slideshows from Version 7, the rerun Slide Assistant option is not working and causes a failure. It seems that these did behave as expected in Version 7.

Possible Cause:
The exact root cause is still under investigation but it appears that this only occurs when launching the rerun Slide Assistant option from within SSP.

Possible Solution:
It has been determined that if the slideshow that needs to be rerun in the assistant is opened in the Version 8 Slide Builder and then the rerun assistant option is run from there will appear as expected.

  • Open SSP8 Slide Builder

  • Go to the File > open option from the main toolbar. 

  • Select the SSP7 slideshow build in 7 that needs editing.

  • Select the drop menu options from the "Create a New Slide" and select "Rerun Slide Assistant" option

  • Prompt opens indicating you will lose changes - click yes.

  • Assistant opens allowing the edit.

(TS256) SSP8
6/11/2014 11:05:55 AM
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