Recieved server error or Bad Request error during SongSelect import

(TS259) Symptom:
When attempting to search for or download songs from SongSelect within SongShow Plus the user receives an error indicating "Bad Request" or "HTTP.1.1 500 Internal Server Error". 

Possible Cause:
In SongShow Plus the user will use the Online Services feature of SongSelect Online to import song text and an account with SongSelect is required and it must be set up in SongShow Plus.  This error may indicated that the account that was used or created to download content from SongSelect has changed, expired or become corrupt.

Possible Solution:
Either Re-authorize or Remove and recreate the account entry used to access the SongSelect content. 
This can be done by entering the Select Account options for the SongSelect Import.  Once in the Select Account screen you can right-click on an existing account and select either re-authorize if something with the account has changed or Remove to delete the existing account and set up a new one.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the support team for assistance.

6/13/2014 12:59:42 PM
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