Text size of Scriptures does not match Songs and Slides

(TS263) Symptom:
When manually setting the font size for the text in the properties area, if the user chooses to remove all auto sizing and set the text font and size to the same value, the text appears to be a different size on the screen.

Possible Cause:
Currently this is expected behavior.  Due to other design considerations, the scripture text appears slightly smaller than the other generated text in SongShow Plus.

Preferred Solution:
Users should utilize and rely on the Grow/Shrink/Consistent text sizing options to ensure the text is rendered in a uniform manner.

Possible Solution:
There is no specific work around or correction for this in SongShow Plus given that it is by design.  That said, if a user must do this it appears that depending on the starting text font size, scripture text appears to be about 6-8 points smaller that the other generated text.  Using this as a general guide, the user could adjust the font size accordingly.

8/7/2014 10:42:34 AM
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