Updating or installing SongShow Plus is unsuccessful - Error "Object already exists"

(TS269) Symptom:
When installing or updating SongShow Plus the process is unsuccessful and the user receives an error "Object already exists" during the attempt.

Possible Cause:
The specific cause of this is UNKNOWN but we did find that customers had previous versions of the C++ redist files that would not properly uninstall.  The source of this installation is unknown.  Previous installations of SongShow Plus that were successful before were not when we tried them again after this error occurred during the update in question.   
Speculation is that sometime after the previously successful installation of SongShow Plus the customer either installed or updated other software that corrupted the C++ support files and that is causing the SongShow Plus installation/update to fail.

Possible Solution:
There is no specific workaround known at this time.  The only successful recovery from this was accomplished with an Operating System re-installation. 

12/8/2014 12:51:58 PM
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