Online Bible Scripture - Scripture panel blanks when adding verse to the program

(TS271) Symptom:
While using the Online Bible content in the Scripture Panel, the content of the Scripture Panel will disappear when selecting and adding a verse to the program by clicking the + button.

Possible Cause:
The exact cause is unknown but it only affects the Online Bible content and not the bibles provided with/for SongShow Plus.

Possible Solution:
At this time there is no specific work around to prevent this from occurring however the selected verse is added to the program.  To recover the content in the Scripture Panel the user can change bibles and then returned to the desired bible.  This will reset the panel.  the user can also select another media tab and return to the Scripture Panel.
This also has no affect on the Program Panel or the presentation of the selected scripture from the Online Bible source. 

12/10/2014 1:37:56 PM
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