SSP.exe Stopped Working error

(TS283) Symptom:
SSP generates error message that states "Ssp.exe has stopped working" after a successful initial startup.  This may occur within several seconds after startup or after changing media panels.

Possible Cause: 
If there are unsupported media files located in the selected folder and thumbnails are selected this could cause SSP to crash.  In most cases this condition will only cause an alert notice but in some situations it can crash SSP.

Possible Solution: 
Enter the SSP configuration panel and select the Audio/Video file settings and select option B.  This may allow the launch of SSP.  If it does turn off thumbnails and re-start.  The user may have to manually sort the media files to determine which file(s) is/are the problem.

2/17/2016 3:24:11 PM
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