Message "There are no song databases presently active"

(TS288) Symptom:
When trying to import or save edits to songs the user get a message indicating "There are no song databases presently active".  This may also be seen in the loss of the Database Utilities menu.

Possible Cause: 
The current user does not have sufficient rights to access the database for write functions.

Possible Solution: 
Adjust permission for the current user to allow write access.  This should be performed by your local system administrator to prevent damage to existing security settings.

Note: Incorrect user rights can affect other areas of SongShow Plus so if this occurs there may be other areas to check. In general, the user should have read and write access to the entire SongShow Plus data tree.  The location of this may vary depending on what was selected during installation.

Possible Cause:
It was found that on rare occasion, non Windows servers or NAS units that are used for the remote Media Files location can cause this error. 

Possible Solution: 
Each solution may be specific to the server/device configuration used.  If you encounter this error, please contact the support team.

9/25/2017 12:23:29 PM
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