SSP/SSB not responding or hangs while accessing or saving files

(TS289) Symptom:
When trying to access, Save or Save As a file in either SongShow Plus or Slide Builder, the application either shows Not Responding, goes to a white screen, has a long hourglass (wait time exceeding 10 min) or crashes altogether. 

Possible Cause: 
There are incorrect or corrupted files in the data files path.  These may exist in the root folder or other specific folder that the user is trying to access.

Possible Solution: 
Isolate and delete corrupt or suspect files.

NOTE: if you are not comfortable with these steps, contact your IT specialist or our support team for assistance.

If you suspect there are corrupt or incorrect files you can try the following:
  • Use File Explorer to open the SSP data files.
  • Search the root and other folders for files that are fragments (no extension) - Isolate any files found by removing them from the SSP data tree.
  • Search the root and other folders for files that do not belong (i.e. image files in the video folder) - Isolate any files found by removing them from the SSP data tree.
  • Isolate all files by moving them to an alternate folder so there is a clean root folder.
If these steps do not identify a problem file, please contact the support team for further analysis.

1/9/2019 12:16:26 PM
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