Dax Error or Out of Memory occurs when selecting background

(TS298) Symptom:
Sometimes when selecting a background image or video from the file selection browser in SSP, a DAX or Out of Memory error occurs.  When initially selected, thumbnails may or may not appear.

Possible Cause:
This seems to be caused by a large number of media files in the selected file tree.  There does not seem to be a specific number threshold but the error has been seen with as few as 5000 media files.  This also seems more likely to occur when the thumbnails view is enabled.

If you temporarily move the bulk of your selected media files (image or video) outside of the SSP media tree and the problem no longer occurs, this is most likely the culprit.

Possible Solution: 
Permanently reduce the number of media files - it is always good to do some house cleaning for media files.

Possible Solution: 
Turn off the thumbnails view and use the details view along with file preview.
2/21/2017 12:38:01 PM
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