SongShow Plus displays not correct at startup.

(TS304) Symptom:
When starting SongShow Plus, all displays are not in the same/correct order or are not detected as expected.

Possible Cause:
Physical display devices may not be turned on when SSP is started or even when the system is started.

Possible Solutions: 
Best practice is to always have all target display devices (monitors/panels/projectors/TVs etc) turned on BEFORE starting/booting the SSP projection computer.  This will ensure that all resources are available when SSP is started.  Use the following guidance when starting the projection system:

  1. Start with the Projection computer turned off.
  2. Turn on ALL display devices that will be used with SongShow Plus projection computer.  If they are already powered on, ensure they are not in sleep/low power mode.
  3. Turn on all switch or extender/boost devices for attached devices.
  4. Start the projection PC and ensure that Windows detects all attached devices for SSP projection. 
    1. R-Click on Windows desktop and select the Windows Display Settings.
    2. If all your devices do not show up you need to contact your local IT team to ensure devices/Windows is working as expected.
  5. Launch SongShow Plus.
  6. Open the SSP Display settings and check/set the device to be used for each SSP Display Window.
    1. From the main SSP toolbar select Settings > Display...
    2. For each external device you have connected ensure they are selected/configured properly.  If needed, use the Identify Displays toggle to show identifier numbers on each physical display device.
    3. Once set as desired, Apply and click OK
  7. Once saved, display a test image from the Media Panel to ensure targets are set correctly.
Once this is setup, as long as things are turned on in the correct order, the display settings should remain consistent.

  • If external devices are added/removed it will affect this process.  re-run the setup procedure.
  • If the Projection PC is left on all the time it should maintain this order, however, if the PC "loses" a device because it or the device enters a sleep/low power mode a re-set may be needed.
  • SongShow Plus display settings are static and will not detect changes. SSP only knows what the PC tells it regarding displays at the time of configuration and if this changes after initial setup, a reconfiguration may be needed.

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