Some fonts are not working as expected in Windows 10 that worked in Windows 7*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 8 and later on Windows 10.

When applying certain fonts in SongShow Plus Version 8 running on Windows 10, some text does not appear as expected, with incorrect style attributes (Bold and/or Italics) being applied.  It seems that these did behave as expected in Windows 7.

Possible Cause:
The cause is unknown however this issue is OS specific. Windows 10 has been verified, however it is possible that this is the case on Windows 8.1 as well.

Possible Solution:
Right now, there is no known work around to get the fonts to appear as expected.

Here is a list of the fonts we know are affected and the style(s) that are incorrectly applied:

  • Gill Sans MT (Bold and Italic style applied without selection)
  • TW Cen MT (Bold and Italic style applied without selection)
  • Bodoni MT Black (Bold style applied without selection)

If you come across a font that is not listed here that you believe is affected the same way, please contact the Support Team and share the following information:

  • The font name
  • The source of the font (if you know)
  • The style that needs to be applied to correct the issue

If you encounter a font that does not work as expected, please contact the Support Team for further investigation.

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