SongSelect Online option is not showing up under the Songs menu.*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus 8 and later.

When trying to use the SongSelect Online tool from the Songs tools to import CCLi content, the SongSelect Online option is not present.

Probable Cause:
The SongSelect Online availability is driven by the account status.  A subscription must be current for this to work.  If your subscription is current and other systems are working as expected, it is most likely that the license may not be up to date on that particular machine.  If your account subscription is not current, please contact the support team to update it. 

Possible Solution: 
Confirm that your organization account subscription is up to date.  Once this is confirmed, complete the following steps on the machine that is not working as expected:

  • Make sure that our system is connected to the internet
  • Launch SongShow Plus
  • From the main tool bar select Tools > Activation...
  • You should be prompted that an update was detected - Select "Yes" and click Next.  This step will allow the server to update the license on your machine.
  • Once this step is complete you can close the Activation window and restart SongShow Plus.

After taking these steps and restarting you should have the SongSelect Online tool available.  If it is not please contact the support team.

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