Song text disappearing from display*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

Just a little background first - in many cases the key will be the settings that you use for your Slide Properties and how they are applied.  Since it is possible for those to be used for many songs but in some cases overridden by song specific song properties, this behavior occurs with some songs and not others.
One other oddity, which is actually common during most troubleshooting, the text failure requires something else to occur first.  Due to that, this behavior will most likely be initially tough to track and seemed inconsistent.  
Song text is randomly disappearing during the presentation of one or more song parts or songs in a program.

Possible Cause:
In this case it appears that there are a few settings that can be changed to avoid this bad behavior.  Any one of these seems to prevent the bad behavior so you can choose which works best for you in your overall design planning.

Display Lyrics Setting
It seems that since different setting will generate more or less song text slides, this can affect the space used by the text.  Adjusting this may prevent the loss of text.
Text Shadow
If you use your settings to apply a shadow to all text this should prevent the text dropping out.
In some cases the songs margin setting is set to full screen (0% margin). If this setting is adjusted slightly, to just 1%, this should prevent the text dropping out and have minimal effect on the text size.
In a case where a transition is set but the time is set to 0 seconds.   If you change this to None in all cases instead it should prevent the loss of text.

If after making these adjustments you are still able to replicate the issue, please contact the Support Team for further assistance.


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