Version 8.4 > New Song Popup


9/6/2017 6:23:36 PM

Is there a setting that tells the new song popup to open on the Presenter Window instead of the Projection Display? Every time I install a new version this happens. In my current setup, I only have the projector on that display, so I have to turn on the projector to see the popup and move it to the correct monitor. And if I have to do some kind of edit in the service, this thing pops up over the program element instead of somewhere that the congregation doesn't see it.

9/25/2017 2:33:57 PM
There's not setting for that, but i agree that it should open within the same display as the Presenter Window. We'll look into it.

10/13/2017 12:36:43 PM
Try this; it works with some other windows programs:

Move the dialogue box to the correct monitor (you can often use 'Win' + '←' or 'Win' + '→' to move it between monitors, if it's active).

Then, while holding down 'Ctrl' on the keyboard, click the '×' to close the window. This will often save that window location.

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