Version 9.3 > Settings/customizations not imported


6/13/2023 8:29:42 PM

So, I downloaded 9.3 for the ccli issue. However, it didn't import the 9.2 setup. So far, I've noticed that it didn't find where the SSP data folders are and the layout that we use. Not sure what else is missing. It always makes me nervous that I'll miss something.

George Taylor
6/14/2023 10:50:08 AM

Had you previously had an earlier preview version installed?

Some of these settings are per user and others are global.

There are two articles that may help with correcting this. I will check this further.

6/15/2023 5:15:42 PM

No, no previous previews were installed. These are all done by the same Windows user, so that shouldn't be an issue.

It's not that I don't know how to do it, I'm just afraid I'll miss something. I've worked for years to come up with the most functional screen layout for us and the best projection layout for our church. Why can't it all be copied over?

I just like having to rebuild so much every time I go to a new version. Will I have to go through this when we go to the general release of 9.3? When we get the next release of the preview?

6/15/2023 5:54:38 PM

OK. I just checked again and the screen layout is there. Correcting the data location seems to have allowed it to find the other things I was missing.

George Taylor
7/3/2023 9:28:28 AM

This issue had been resolved in the 6/29 release of 9.3 - mostly...

There are some of the settings that are global and others that are per user.

On first install, the global items have been resolved.  The user specific settings may update, still investigating this portion.

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