Version 8.4 > Deprecating backup within program? Why?


9/30/2017 8:55:52 AM
Why should I have to run a separate program just to backup my song database?? Crazy move!

10/2/2017 11:10:28 AM
Please Clarify - The Backup/Restore tool has always been the suggested way to back up all things SSP.   Were you advised to use something different?  

10/4/2017 1:18:06 PM
But in 8.4 when I use it, there is a message the its use directly from SSP is to be deprecated
and that we should use the separate program which is to be run separately. Perhaps, I hope,
I am reading/interpreting the message incorrectly.

10/4/2017 1:19:42 PM
replace "the its use" with "that its use" in the last post. Sorry.

10/4/2017 4:33:22 PM
OK - now I think I get it....

I believe the message you are referring to is the note displayed when you select the "SongShow Plus Database" module inside the Backup/Restore program, and yes, I believe you are interpreting it incorrectly.

To clarify, for others that may read this, the message says:

"Note: The SongShow Plus Database backup module is now deprecated. You should, instead, use the Songs backup module. The SongShow Plus Database backup module remains here for backward compatibility but will eventually be removed." 

It is referring to the "modules" to select for backup, which are all contained in the same Backup/Restore utility.  The "SongShow Plus Database" module is using the "old" song format - this would be used only if you intend to restore to a previous version of SSP.  The new "Songs" module (directly above) is the new format, and the one that should be used going forward.  There are a variety of reasons for this that I won't go in to, but that is the "Songs backup module" that is referred to in the note.

You may notice that when selected, the "Songs" module has all the same songs that the "SongShow Plus Database" module has.

Hopefully this clears up your question...

10/6/2017 8:25:40 AM
Thanks for the clarification -- I should pick "Songs" instead of "SongShow Plus Database" -- got it

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