Version 8.4 > Blank Slide problem


10/21/2017 11:44:11 AM
vs. 8.4, Win 10
I want to use a slide show (one slide) as the "blank slide."
There is an option called "use slide" with a blank pull-down box
and an "edit" button. Nothing seems to allow me to use my
created slide and I can't find any explanations.

10/23/2017 2:57:43 PM
It sounds like you are most of the way there....

The "Use Slide" option for Blank Slide in the Slide Properties uses a system slideshow called "Blackout" that you can edit.

If you click on the Edit Slides button it will open the "Blackout" slideshow.  If you have a slide (or slides) that you would like to use as the Blank Slide, you can copy and paste them into the "Blackout" slideshow. 

Once this is complete then the "Use Slide" option drop menu will allow you to select one of the slides from the Blackout slideshow to use as the Blank Slide.

FYI - if you search the manual for "Blank Slide" it does cover the options available. 

If you have any trouble with this contact support.

10/26/2017 6:19:27 PM
Thanks, George.

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