Version 8.4 > SSB: copy background to multiple slides


11/11/2017 10:04:55 AM
A year ago I posted this wish. I suppose no one has voted for it
and so it is dying a natural death. I can't figure out why anyone
would oppose it. it surely is a trivial fix for techs and would save
me (at least) lots of pointing and clicking. I assume that it was an
oversight, since items like transitions are easily assigned to multiple
slides at one time.

11/13/2017 10:33:57 AM
You can do this currently using the Themes process in the Slide Builder.

By using the Theme option, you can apply not only the Background but any setting globally within a slideshow.

You can also use multiple themes so if you have 10 slides and 5 need one background (or other settings) and the 5 need something else, the Themes will allow this.

You can also group select slides and change the Theme selection.

These tools should get you what you are after.

11/13/2017 6:15:18 PM
I'll give it a try ... but being able to simply select and paste
would be easier.

11/23/2017 10:45:27 AM
First try was a flop! I could set a theme (even multiple ones) which looks
correct in the theme editor. But I was never able to apply a theme to an existing
slide and have it change the background to that of the theme. Tried to follow
the Help guide implicitly, but must have messed up somewhere -- many times!

11/27/2017 10:51:37 AM
Hey Dick.  Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

If you contact the support team they can walk through that with you and then if there is a bug or something incorrect in the user guide they can identify that and report it.

Thanks again.

5/31/2018 8:58:49 AM
After a 1/2 hour with GFM, we finally got it figured out.
Turns out that all items (like backgrounds) selected on
an individual slide have priority over the same item
selected via themes. This makes some sense, but wasn't
obvious to either GFM or me! Removing the standard
copy/paste options for backgrounds was a mistake in
my opinion. It is so much simpler for most tasks and is
something everyone understands, but is not likely to
be activated.

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