Version 8.1 > Installing Version 8.1 along side Version 8.0


5/30/2014 12:17:19 PM
Version 8.1 can be installed along side version 8.0 (and earlier versions for that matter). It does not uninstall version 8.0 (or earlier versions) nor does it overwrite it. It also does not use the same settings. Because of this, you can give version 8.1 a try on a version 8.0 machine without breaking the version 8.0 installation.

Version 8.1 will also use the same media folders as version 8.0.  Due to the similarities between version 8.1 and 8.0 most files will work in either one but be aware that files that you create or modify in version 8.1 that utilize new features may be unusable in version 8.0. This is the main thing you'll need to be aware of if you are running both versions on the same machine.

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