Version 8.4 > On-screen indicator symbol?


12/4/2017 9:34:16 AM
The ushers need to be signaled when to come forward during one of the songs.
Is there some way to insert an icon or other flag onto a song lyric?

12/5/2017 1:24:05 PM
Hey Dick....

I assume that you mean in the actual song file and not using another tool - say the Overlay or Message improve tools - is that correct?

You might be able to insert a Wingding - they are symbols but font based so that might work.  (I am going to try this)

Also if you converted the song to a slide show then absolutely you can insert an image/Icon in the lyrics.

12/6/2017 5:51:37 AM
I could use an overlay like from Improv, but I would like it to show up
when the verse was projected rather than me having to remember to
un-hide it. At present I just wave at the ushers which works if I
remember and if they are looking. ;-)

12/6/2017 11:07:51 AM
So after a little exploration, I found that while Wingdings do not work there are a bunch of symbols and shapes that are in the regular font maps.  Pull the character map and look at Arial.  From there you can copy and insert items - some work and some do not so you will have to experiment a little but I was able to get many to appear at the end of the line of text.

This is a little bit "hackish" and using the Slide Show conversion is by far the safest and most reliable way to do this.

12/7/2017 1:56:18 AM
Thanks - for the present the old fashion hand-wave may be the easiest, safest, and all-around best method.
Now if I had something to jog my attention when I need to signal.

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