Version 8.4 > Using a slide for the "blank"


2/19/2018 10:03:41 AM
I have no trouble using an image for the blank slide, but I can't figure it out using a slide.
There's a pull-down menu for slides, but there is nothing in it. When I edit a new slide and
exit, nothing is saved. If it did save the new slide, where would I find it, in slideshows
or elsewhere??

While on the subject of "blank" slide, it would be very convenient if there was an
option for the "blank" to follow the program rather than the machine. That way,
when I copy the program from my home PC to church, I wouldn't have to re-select
a "blank" and when I looked back at saved programs, I could see the "blank" I used.

2/22/2018 9:37:18 AM

Both of the things that you described are possible.

Contact the support team and they can walk you through both.

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