Version 8.4 > Slide Property Hierarchy


3/3/2018 8:08:38 PM

I am using the latest version of V8.4. From the following post: it seems that, when inserted as a program item, "Slide Propertied for Songs" should override "Slide Properties for All Media" when a song is being displayed. This does not seem to be happening. I have a test program with four items. The first item is "Slide Propertied for Songs" where the background is set to A_JUICEDROP_230.JPG (a brown image which comes with SSP). The second item is a song. The third item is a "Slide Properties for All Media" where the background is set to A_BACKDROP_010.JPG (a green image which comes with SSP). The fourth item is another song. I expect both songs to use the brown background image, since "Slide Properties for All Media" is not supposed to override "Slide Propertied for Songs" for songs, but the second song displays with the green background. Also, when I insert a "Song Properties for Images" and set the background to solid black color, followed by an image which is not full screen, the background is black, But if I have a later "Slide Properties for All Media" with a background image, followed by the same image, the background comes from the "Slide Properties for All Media." Am I missing something?

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